Michael Trimarco is an American entrepreneur

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It is widely recognized that the economy needs entrepreneurship in order to thrive again. The creativity and innovation that exists is the only thing keeping the economy from sinking even lower right now. Just see the sales of iPhones and the likeā€”even in the midst of a recession, people are willing to pay a premium for a great product or service. Creating new business or helping to grow existing ones is probably the most important work to do in order to rebuild the economy. The American economy will have room to breath when innovators and entrepreneurs get into the right positions and get the right opportunities.

Michael Trimarco is an American entrepreneur who wants to help in the recovery in his own way. He is an innovator who believes that taking risks is an essential element of creating successful businesses and he has taken his fair share. Michael Trimarco has not been in the business world all that long, but he has accomplished a great deal. He earned his Bachelors of Science degree from Cornell University, in New York City. He then earned his Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Michael Trimarco’s academic success preceded his success in the business world and the former was integral to the latter.