Michael Trimarco Is One Of The American Entrepreneurs

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I would need a calculator to count the number of times I have heard economists or financial specialists say that the most important variable in the growth of an economy is entrepreneurs and new businesses. This is especially true in a time of recession. During a recession it is essential that entrepreneurs and businessman have the ability to start new businesses that will thrive and grow the economy. This is the spirit of the American economy—that people should be able to create their own business, and be their own boss, if they are willing to take the risks.

One entrepreneur who seeks to exemplify the spirit of creation, innovation, and hard work is Michael Trimarco. In his short amount of time as an entrepreneur and professional, Trimarco has been met with success fairly often.

Trimarco received his Bachelors of Science degree from Cornell, an Ivy League school based in New York. He then received his MBA from Harvard Business School, in 1997. His education was integral to his eventual success.

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